sam, your friend behind the cam.

Hi, I’m Sam. I like the beach, sports & exercise of all kinds, & I’m known for laughing on the regular. When I find something funny, anyone in the 300 meter proximity will know!

My obsession is capturing moments with genuine emotion. I do this by creating a comfortable and relaxed environment where everyone is totally free to be themselves. Most of all, I want every couple to have stunning and tasteful photographs that they can look back on throughout their marriage. Oh, and I want you to look bloody good.

I especially love my work because I value marriage. What a beautiful event where two human beings commit to loving the other no matter what. I think that is incredible & rewarding to be apart of. My beautiful wife Anna & I made the unbreakable vows (sneaky harry potter reference) to other in March 2018 and I gotta tell ya.. Being married is the best! You have alot to look forward to, from your engagement & wedding, as well as the life you get to continue building together afterward.

How it all started…

I was studying at university, when I began to realise I was in the wrong area. Creativity & style was bursting out of me, and for the first time in my life, I had no outlet. I imagined in life that I was supposed to have a career and then hobbies, or creative outlets on the side. Well, I didn’t want that to happen. I submitted my last assignment for the year, and began a creative journey that lead me to where I am today; making people happy by capturing one of the most beautiful days’ of their lives.

Let’s back up a little bit.. I started taking photo’s totally for my own enjoyment. On holidays, of my girlfriend (now wife). Eventually people I knew started asking me if I would be their wedding photographer. I said no at least three times. Someones wedding was a scary place to practice. But when they would get their images back, I would think to myself, “I could have done that.. and I actually would have done a few things differently. I should have said yes!”. I decided it was time! I began photographing weddings at twenty years old, I fell in love & I haven’t looked back!

There’s a little about my life. Now I can’t wait to capture a significant day in your life.

now, the important stuff.

whats your favourite food?


travel goals?

US, Greece, Italy, Israel & Egypt

Describe your humour..

Cheeky, borderline inappropriate

your go-to tv shows?

Suits, The O.C, Modern Family

Sports that you play..

Soccer, Tennis

your favourite PasTime?

Swim - Sunbake - Eat: Repeat