How are the images delivered?

As soon as your wedding photograph’s are ready, Sam will email you an invitation to your gallery. This is a personal link for easy access to view your images via desktop, tablet & smartphone. In one click, you are able to download all of your images in full resolution to your desktop, as well as download individual images directly to your devices.

Here is a gallery example: gallery.samueljacobphotography.com/meganandjonny

Can I pay with credit card?

Sam will send you your invoice via email and payments can be made via PayPal, Credit Card or Direct Deposit.

will 6 hours from the ceremony be enough time?

From experience, Sam has noticed that 6 hours from the ceremony commencement is the most common amount of time that he is needed at a wedding. For example, if a ceremony started at 3pm, by 9pm the formalities were wrapped up, the dancing had well & truly began & Sam had now captured all the photograph’s needed for a complete & full day. In some cases, there are weddings where a special event is happening later in the evening, or a farewell that a couple would like captured. In this case, adding the stay one extra hour, or the stay until farewell package extra is appropriate. Otherwise, the majority of weddings are easily able to fit in the reception formalities before the 6 hour period has ended. Note; adding Preps is an addition to this time frame.

What are the dancing photo’s like?

When viewing previous Samuel Jacob weddings, you may notice that Sam uses a camera technique to add some extra fun & energy to his dancing photo’s. Sam often gets a variety of both straight flash images as well as these high energy images, however if you would not like this camera technique to be used at all, please inform Sam before your wedding date.

my wedding is outside of Newcastle; is there travel costs associated with getting sam to my wedding?

Sam loves to travel near & far. If your wedding is within 1.5 hours drive of Newcastle, then there is no travel costs. If you’re wedding is further away, Sam will discuss a light travel cost with you additional to your package.

How many images will we receive in total?

The number of photo's you receive will depend on your package. However, with Samuel Jacob’s base wedding package, you can expect to receive around 400 - 500 photograph's or more. This is not a guarantee, but an estimate based on previous weddings. It is also important to note that more isn’t always better. I shoot very intentionally to get the most captivating images out of each moment.

Can I receive every photo that was captured on the day?

On the day, you may notice that Sam is taking a whole bunch of photograph's. This is good news, because he wants to capture as many beautiful moments as possible. You will not receive the totality of these images, however be assured that you are receiving the very best of these moments.

How long until we receive our photo's back after the wedding?

Your wedding photograph’s are very important to Sam. It is his number one priority that your day is captured & presented in the best way possible. Therefore Sam takes a lot of care when editing your images. The time range you will receive your images back can be from one month, to up to 3 months at the very latest.

I'm keen on an engagement shoot, where will we go?

An engagement shoot is specifically tailored to capture the heart of who you both are as a couple. Sam wants to get to know you, and have some fun along the way. If you have a special location option, you can definitely let Sam know. If not, Sam’s got you covered.

What happens if Sam is sick on the day?

Sam has a great team of second shooters, and an even larger network of creative friends in the photography world. In the event of an emergency, a second shooter will be contacted. If all shooter are unavailable, photographers in the wider creative network will then be contacted including three family members who are also trained photographers. All images will still be edited by Samuel Jacob.

What happens if it is raining on the day?

Wet weather has never been a big issue. We can go to a cool indoor location with natural light, or under thick tree's. There is always a way around it!

Will the digital photographs be print ready?

Absolutely. All Samuel Jacob images are perfect for printing. You can print them as big as your lounge room floor and they would still look as sharp as a tack!

Are the photo's HD?


How long does the photo-shoot go for on the wedding day?

Sam generally recommends one hour & a half for the photo shoot, however each wedding is unique. If your photo shoot is close by to the location of your ceremony & reception, then a shooter period of time may be needed. Sam will discuss with you an appropriate time frame for your photo shoot depending on the wedding location, travel time & the size of your bridal party.

Can I meet SAM before I book?

If you would like to get to know Sam a little more before booking, then he suggests a Skype chat, or a quick meeting at his studio, which is located in Newcastle. It is important to be aware that this meeting is not for wedding organisation, as those conversations will be reserved for after the wedding date is secured. This meeting will be to have a light chat with Sam & for you both to get to know each other. Alternatively, you can watch @samueljacobweddings instagram stories & you will see video’s of Sam talking & interacting with his followers.

Does Sam meet every couple before their wedding?

Sam leaves it up to each couple if they would like a friendly meeting before their day. The engagement period can involve a lot of meetings & organisation, therefore Sam makes everything with him as smooth, easy & efficient as possible. Sam can get all the information he needs from the online run sheet form he sends out, however if a couple wishes to meet up before the day, he is more than happy to do so. Sam will often suggest to meet at his studio or grab a drink on a week day afternoon. If you are not local to Newcastle, then a Skype meeting will work well.

Can I get the Raw Files?

Raw files or you may also be meaning, unedited files, are not given out by Samuel Jacob Photography. As a photographer, your Raw files are like a half finished hair cut; you would never let a client walk out of the salon like that, and it would not be a good look for your business either. Rest assured of this; Sam has edited the images to complement you & the day at a professional standard, unique to the style that you chose Sam for. It is very likely that you would not like the look of the Raw files; they are very flat & dull, as they need to retain alot of detail to be edited by a professional.

What is the ‘team wedding’ package?

Sam personally books out quite fast, however many couples still want his business to look after them for their wedding, even if he is not personally photographing it. This is because Sam’s work behind the camera is only partially what he is hired for. His editing, style, and entire booking process allows the whole experience to be smooth & exciting for his couples. Sam created the Team Wedding & Elopement Packages so that these qualities could be there, even when he is not. Sam has a team of amazing photographers that he trusts to photograph his Team Weddings. Sam looks after each couple throughout the lead up, as well as edits & delivers the final product.

I’m interested in the Team Packages, but who will be my photographer?

Sam never compromises on the quality of photographers for Team Weddings, and will always make sure that trusted photographers are used on all of his Team Weddings. Sam does not guarantee who will be photographing your day up until three months before the date, as he waits for one hundred percent & total commitment from his photographers, as that allows a buffer period for that response. Rest assured, that only professional photographers will a good sense of humour are on Sam’s team.

Package Extra Details

Preparations 600

A very valuable collection of photograph’s where Sam captures the exciting moments leading up to your wedding ceremony. Arrival will be at an agreed time to get shots of both bridal parties separately. This will tell a more complete story of the day and capture those intimate & exciting moments.

Honeymoon Highlights 300

In the following days after your wedding, you will notice your friends & family posting their perspective of your amazing day. As you can imagine, you will be itching to post something yourself! Sam doesn’t want you having to post a dodgy iPhone shot of such an extraordinary day.. So with this extra, Sam will keep working after the wedding to edit at least three highlight images from the day, and send them directly to you within just 2 days, or sooner, of your wedding. 

Slideshow 450

A slideshow is your wedding day story with music put behind it, in the form of a video link. You can easily share this slideshow video online as well as watch it on your smart tv, smartphone, tablet or desktop. This is a really great way to be able to watch through your photograph’s and share with friends & family as well.

Engagement Shoot 600

You may find that your wedding day is as much about the journey as it is about the day itself. Your engagement shoot will be a relaxed shoot with Samuel Jacob, where you will go to a chosen location at an ideal time of day, and get some beautiful shots. Sam also has under water housing for his camera, so if you wish to get in the water, let him know!

Stay One Extra Hour 250

If the 6 hour Wedding Package is not enough time to cover your day, you can always add an extra hour to your package. Keep in mind that the 6 hours begins from the ceremony, if you have Bride & Groom Preps that is additional to your package.

Stay Until Farewell 450

After the reception formalities Sam will leave after capturing some fun dancing shots.. or what ever is happening. However, if you have a special farewell planned that you would love captured, you can add this onto your package & Sam will stay right through until your departure.

Second Photographer 4 hrs 500, 8 hrs 950

Sam is in connection with a group of talented photographers who are always excited & willing to jump on board a wedding. This means throughout the day you can have two perspectives of the same moments. I find this to be really valuable as it captures even more depth to the memory of the day.

Drone Photography 350 p/h

Drone photography is amazing. To have an aerial view of your ceremony, reception or photo shoot is unreal. Sam will have one of his drone shooters operating for as little or as long as you like. These drone photograph’s will be incorporated& edited as apart of your final images.

Prints starting from $50 organised post wedding

If you would like smaller or larger prints of your wedding day, let Sam know & he can get that organised for you after you have received your images. Prices vary depending on size, and Sam will discuss prices with you depending on what you would like.