What to expect & what not to expect from your wedding photographer

Every photographer is different! However, these are some key common denominators that I notice among all photographers that i’m connected with. This should help you as the Bride & Groom know what you don’t need to worry about, and what you may need to communicate to your photographer before your wedding day! Everybody will have slightly different wants & expectations, so this blog gives the photographers perspective, and then gives you as the Bride & Groom a foundation to talk to your photographer about anything else you would like or not like on your day.

Now, if you're a dot point person like me, you’re going to love this.

Some good things to know

  • Always communicate your wishes with your photographer.

  • The more you trust your photographer, often the better your photographs will turn out.

  • Your photographs are not the focal point of the day (sneaky pun), the wedding itself is. The photographs are about capturing the day, the day isn’t about capturing the photographs. Relax, enjoy yourself, and your photographer will be able to capture the real gold.

  • Getting married is the best part, everything else is a bonus! This mindset will help you get the most out of everything as well.

  • Pinterest is really great for vibes, but not specific shots. There are so many factors that come into play for a photo to look the way it does. You do you, and embrace your day, and people will be wanting to get photograph’s like yours.

What You Can Expect

  • For me personally, I aim for a balance of wanting to respect your day & not be too intrusive, but also adding a warm consistent presence, where you know that someone who is at weddings every weekend has your back.

  • Your photographer is there to document the day, and all the major events. I am often on the hunt for true moments of love, joy, excitement.

  • Your photographer will find good photo shoot locations & arrange good photographs. If you have any preference, simply let your photographer know.

  • Your photographer should know what will look good and what will not. For example, if you have heard that the sun isn’t supposed to be behind the subject, and thats exactly what your photographer does, trust me, it’ll look good.

  • I personally say certain things to spark a natural reaction. For example, when I say to the Bridal Party, “okay look at each other now guys”, everyone always laughs. That’s exactly what I want, even more so than everyone looking at each other.

What Not To Expect

  • Everyone is different, and everyone has different relationships that are significant to them. If there are any people you would especially like a photograph of, your photographer may not know which people or family members are most important to you, or any surrounding circumstances, so it’s really important to point them out.

  • Your photographer is not the go-to organiser of your whole day, only the photo shoot section.

  • Your photographer may not know if that is your real parent, step parent, or your parents partner, so just kindly point out your parents if you want a lot of candid shots of them.

  • Your photographer is often thinking about a fair few things at once, and wants to get the best photographs for you. Being tasteful & creative is your photographers first priority, and socialising is a little lower on the list. If your photographer is being quiet and not super chatty & social, it’s because he / she is thinking about how to capture each moment in the best way possible. I’m no psychologist, but socialising & creativity must operate in totally different parts of the brain, haha. That could be why artists / painters often work alone. We are painting an artwork with the metal, glass & plastic in our hands (mine has a white canon logo on it), as well as staying connected with the people involved. 

  • Every now & then I let you guys stay in a spot, & I drift off in the background because I am waiting to snap that perfect moment when it happens. The moments that occur naturally are always the best ones.

I really hope this helps! And came across in the warmest, most sincere heart. As a photographer I am completely focused on getting the best photographs possible & to embrace each wedding day 110%. I look forward to every wedding, and put my heart & soul into the work. I love being with each client for such an amazing time in their life!

Sam Colthorpe